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How to use the Accordion Container and Accordion Entry components:

  1. Place a container component. Enter the title of the container in the field called Sub title (optional). Don't use the title field, since the text formatting is currently defective.
  2. Place as many entry components as you want.
  3. In each component, you can use these fields:
    • Entry ID: This is the anchor tag for creating anchor links. For example "terms". In the URL of the published page, you'd be able to add #terms and it would jump to this accordion entry on the page. Optional.
    • Header: The name of the entry as it appears when not expanded.
    • Caption: Do not use this, since the text formatting is currently defective.
    • Is expanded: Tick this box if you want the component to be expanded by default (all of its content visible on page load). Optional.
    • Region ID: Add a tracking ID like "entry.terms" (component.uniquedescription). This will allow Adobe Analytics/Activity Map to show clicks on any links within the component. It doesn't track clicks to expand/collapse the accordion entry itself. Use if the rich text inside the accordion has hyperlinks, optional if it doesn't. 
  4. Place Rich Text Editor components inside the entry components.

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